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Thursday, June 14, 2007

20th week anatomy scan

Yesterday I went for my 20th week ultrasound which is an "anatomy scan". In this visit they want to check to make sure everything is ok from the brain to the liver to the toes. It was quite a long scan -- the technician had the ultrasound on me for 30 minutes. It was pretty interesting though. Its amazing how much they can see in an ultrasound. Everything checked out ok. She checked the brain, measured some bones and looked at the blood flow to some internal organs (wow)!! While she was looking for the ears to check she had a hard time because she said my little girl kept covering her ears with her hands. Poor thing -- probably too loud in there with the ultrasound going. I read somewhere that the sound should be comparable to a helicoptor. Funny.

The only anomaly she found was actually on the mother and not the baby. She said I have two fibroids on my uterus. Which she described as masses of muscle. She said its nothing for concern. When I asked what problems they could cause she said that sometimes they make it hard to conceive and if they are positioned over the cervix it may make vaginal birth difficult. But thats not the case with me and she said they are pretty small. She also said it runs in the family and that my mother probably has them. Interesting.

I have some more ultrasound pics from this visit which I'll post. They aren't that much different from the previous ones but there is a particularly cute one of her feet. :)

I'm halfway at 20 weeks wow! And I feel like I'm growing faster now. The fit of my clothing seems to change each week. The technician said I can expect to gain about 1 pound a week here on out.

I'm already having some difficulty getting and staying comfortable while seated at work -- not to mention while sleeping. So I'm not looking forward to getting bigger and more uncomfortable!


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Jan said...

Well, Jess, your grandmother Martin had the fibroids. I don't know that I did before everything was removed in 1994. It seems a lot of this is genetic. Poor little ERB having to hold her hands over her ears during the ultra sound. She is such a little person. Love, Mom