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Monday, May 26, 2008

Grandma, uncle and the Yankees

going to a yankee game!

I can't decide which is my favorite photo from the weekend. The one of Fay alone in her little yankee cheerleading outfit. Or the one with Fay, Andy, and Ryan's gigantic smile at the yankee game. Fay must be doing something right because her Daddy NEVER smiles for photos like that. Usually he makes a little smirk or worse, opens hie mouth in a way that makes you NOT want to take the photo.

Happy Daddy

We had a very fun weekend with Sandy and Andy in town for Memorial Day. We started out on Friday night with a dinner show at the Loews Regency Hotel featuring Bebe Neuwirth. The show was great, and the venue was neat - a very small intimate space centered around a piano on a stage.

On Saturday we all piled on the subway and took the long hike up to the Bronx for the yankee game. Fay's first yankee game. Fay enjoyed it thoroughly as her daddy got her special ground floor tickets. We were just off of right field and we could see Johnny Damon pacing.

i'll just suck on this cap

Sunday was more relaxing with brunch and a long walk to the park. Then today, Memorial Day, we reved it up again with a trip to the Belmont Race Track. This morning Sandy and Andy left for the airport and Ryan, Fay and I headed out for our annual trip to the races. We picnicked on pastrami and strained carrots. And Fay had her first teether biscuit.

Actually, as far as firsts go, Fay was gnawing on a lot of larger items this weekend -- an apple, a pair and the biscuit. She has these two lower teeth that she is dying to use. And she likes to grab at what we are eating if she is near the dinner table. So we tried handing her a little fruit and she really enjoyed it. I think she likes to do a little more mimicing than she has in the past. Wants to do some big girl things!

Speaking of big girls, we lowered Fay's crib platform tonight. She's been pushing her little torso up so that she can see over the bars when she cries out in the morning. So I thought it was time to sink the platform down to a safer level. No sense in waiting for her to prop herself up on the railing before lowering it. :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6 month report card

I should have made a little more fanfare over Fay's 6 month birthday! She turned 6 months on April 22. And we just had her 6 month check up last Sunday.

So I think it would be nice to document what Fay is like at 6 months. Some things that haven't changed:

  1. Fay still spits up a lot. Some days its a little, some days its a lot. You just never know.

  2. Fay still loves the boob. If she could have anything in the whole world at any moment in time, it would be a boob. Right....left....doesn't matter

  3. Fay still really wants to crawl, but eh, not much progress there.

  4. Fay's favorite toy is *still* the rings. These are about 8 interlocked rings of various colors and textures. She has liked them since she's been able to lock her fingers around them.

  5. Still takes 3 naps a day. Still not on any kind of schedule. I take that back, you can generally count on a 6:20 wake up time and a 8am nap. After that its to the wind.

  6. Still gets eczema on her neck. A lot. But still doesn't bother her.

  7. Likes to blow spit through her lips for fun. Though in the past month she has added more sound and pitches to the blowing.

Some things that have changed:

  1. Fay is pretty good at sitting up. She still topples over occasionally, so we don't leave her alone unsupported without pillows propped behind her back. But for the most part she's got the lean-forward balancing thing down.

  2. Fay is a lot more interested in whatever the grown ups are playing with than her own toys. Her favorite it paper -- newspaper, writing paper, books, etc. Mandy reports that she also really likes her cell phone.

  3. Fay has become a bit of a gymnast on the changing table. She likes to twist and turn just when you are trying to put a new diaper on. It seems she may want to lick the wall, or the changing mat itself.

  4. Fay doesn't love the stroller. She'd much rather be hanging off mama's chest in the Ergo carrier.

  5. She doesn't go down as easily at 7pm as she used to. Recently she likes to nap for about 40 min and then wake up at 7:40. Thing is, now that we are close to the summer solstice, its super light out at that hour. Can you blame her?

  6. She eats 2-3 serving of solid food a day and about 25 oz of milk. She eats everything she's been offered except for avocados. Daddy had no luck with the avocados.

  7. Fay is still 75th percentile in length, but just 25th percentile in weight (down from 50th percentile. So she's thinning out. Though you couldn't tell it by the look of her great baby thighs. Hopefully she won't become a waif when she starts to crawl. She is now 15lbs.

  8. Fay will roll over and sleep on her tummy in her crib. But most of the time she still remains on her back through the night.

  9. Fay loves attention from strangers. But she pretty indifferent towards other babies.

  10. Jury is out on whether or not Fay knows what the heck is looking back at her from the mirror.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Its my first mother's day! Kind of a weird feeling. This day has always been about my mom, and now its about both of us. Strangely enough, my mom send me flowers for mother's day. They are very pretty and in fact match quite well the GIGANTIC flower arragement I got from Fay for mother's day...

happy mother's day

I'm guessing Fay sent such a large bouquet for a couple reasons:
1. Its my first mother's day and she wanted to make it special.
2. Labor was only 6 months ago, so she wanted to give me an extra special thank you for that.
3. Her daddy is out of town today so she could devote all her gift-giving to just one parent.

We had a nice video chat with Daddy yesterday though. I really don't know what she thinks about that -- her daddy's head talking at her from the computer. :)

Unfortunately I get to thank Fay for this lovely bouquet by taking her to the doctor for her 6 month check-up (including shots!) :(. I'm thinking she's going to really hate the shots today because she's so uber-alert compared to the last doc appts we've had. Hopefully there won't be too many tears.

I got Fay a present too. And so far she likes it...

if I can chew it, I like it

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This one's for you daddy...

Ryan had to go out of town today for TEN DAYS! He's sure to miss his baby girl, not to mention his wife. So to make sure he's reminded of just how cute she is, I've got a little video for him.

This is from today, at about 6:30 when Fay is normally settling down for sleep. She was extra energetic and extra cute.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fay's first start sighting

Last weekend Fay and I were walking along the East River. We darted into an area which is a sort of circular path around a nice lawn, only to head back out to the main walking path. As we were heading back out, I spotted Mike Meyers coming towards us. I had a little internal jolt, I think he may be the most famous person I've ever seen. He was walking with a friend towards me and Fay. I looked at him and then darted my eyes away to allow him the privacy of walking through a park. He, however, started a conversation with me...

Mike: "Is that your little giraffe?"
Me: "No"

I walked a little further and saw a little plastic giraffe toy on a picnic table, before meeting up with the main walking path again.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

sleep rolling

Last night Fay went to sleep around 7:30pm and woke up at 9pm wailing. Ryan and I conferred and decided that something was wrong, it wasn't just a mid-sleep squawk. So Ryan went into check on Fay and she had rolled over to her tummy and seemed to be a little upset by it. Must have happened in her sleep or something.

I rocked her for a while, but when I put her back down it took her quite a while to fall back asleep. Poor thing. Then this morning she was back on her tummy again at her regular 6:15am wake up. And not upset in the least.