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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MN Baby Shower

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Well I had another great baby shower this past weekend. This time it was in Minneapolis. Penny and Jeanne Boyle hosted the shower and all I can say is that I am so lucky to these two wonderful women in my life. The shower was warm and fun and over before I wanted it to be. Jeanne snapped individual photos of me and each person at the shower. She then combined these photos with "love notes to Fay" that each woman wrote and presented me with a scrapbook of the shower the very next day. I was a little speechless. I had so much fun with my high school friends, my family, Ryan's family and many more friends I've known for years.

One special treat was to see my aunt Signe and cousin Jackie whom I don't think I've seen in 10 years time. We didn't have nearly enough time to catch up, but it was wonderful to see them at last.

Instead of the dreaded baby showers games involving dress up or messy crafts, Jeanne gave everyone an opportunity to show off their baby knowledge. I now know who I should turn to when I have new mother questions. Karin was able to name 52 baby items, some I'm sure I've never heard of.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kearney Baby Shower

On the weekend of July 13th Ryan and I visited Kearney, NE for a family weekend and a baby shower. My Mom and Ron were also there, so we had both sides of the family! Sandy's good friends threw me a wonderful shower and as expected I received lots and lots of cute items for Fay. Granny Sandy gave a glimpse of things to come when she gave me a little onesie saying "What goes on at Grandma's stays at Grandmas's" And both Grandma Lowe and Janssen took me on a post shower shopping trip to buy a little Cornhusker dress for Fay's first football game. I guess we'll have to make a return trip to NE next fall! We had such a good time and here is the picture to prove it. We called this our "before Fay" picture as things are sure to get hectic and change dramatically in just a few months time!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Ryan and I have decided on a name for baby Janssen, aka: East River Baby. Of course we still have 4 months left so we reserve the right to change our minds. :) But this one might just be a keeper.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kicks and more Kicks

Well, little baby girl Janssen has gotten to be more of a kicker over the past couple weeks. Yesterday I was at work and I had a midmorning snack of some yogurt. As soon as that yogurt hit my stomach she was kicking all over the place. Of course the kicks are still really small and are more like flutters. But its so fun to feel her in there. I was so excited that I had yogurt again today. But alas, no pattern. She stayed motionless all morning. The only consistent time it seems she kicks is when I get off work and am at home relaxing on the couch.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and Ryan and I will have our annual party. It seems we will have a good turnout this year. Over 20 people have answered 'yes' to our evite invitation. And there may be a bit of rain, so maybe we'll get a few more running for cover that would have normally celebrated outside. Hopefully the rain will not obscure the fireworks.

We've got the next doctor appt on Friday. This one will be with our backup doctor. My primary OB wants us to meet with one of his colleagues who would serve as a backup should he not be available when I go into labor. Hope I like her!