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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First shots

Fay got her first immunization shots today. She is 8 weeks as of yesterday so she was scheduled for her 2 months shots. I wanted to schedule them a number of days ahead of our xmas trip so if there was a bad reaction, we would be in town to deal with it.

Fay has been a really good baby so far. Not much crying at all. Not much fussing either. She just squawks a little when she wakes up for food or when she wants to be held and is not getting enough mommy or daddy time. Today I got to hear her real cry. It took about 2 seconds for the prick of the needle to affect her. Then she let out a terrible cry. Of course it broke my heart. And she still had two shots to go. :(

After the shots I put her back in the Baby Bjorn and she crashed to sleep right away. All was well through another feeding and another brief nap until she awoke and started crying inconsolably. It didn't help that mommy was out of the house and therefore there was no consoling boob to be found. Daddy tried to console with the bottle which was a fairly good temporary solution. But once the boob found its way home, Fay finally settled down. I also gave her a little baby Tylenol as suggested by the doctor in case of fever.

She is now put to bed, and sleeping well. I was told she could be irritable after the shots, and clearly she was. Hopefully it will not be a long lasting irritability.

Friday, December 14, 2007

If you can't trust your doctor...

Well we had a little setback this week. I went in for my 6 week checkup last week and was given a prescription for birth control pills from my doctor. We discussed the fact that while breast feeding I have to use the "mini-pill" which does not contain estrogen. A pill with estrogen will reduce your milk supply and sometimes dry it up completely.

I took the pill for three days. After the 2nd day Fay had a particularly fussy day. She wouldn't sleep all day and she only slept 4.5 hours instead of her normal 6 hours at night. I tried to pump some milk and noticed that there was hardly any to pump. So I checked my birth control pill and looked online for information.

Sure enough, my doctor had prescribed the wrong birth control pill!!! He gave me the one with estrogen. Unbelievable. I confirmed it was not a pharmacy mistake and then I called my doctor to yell at him. I was pissed. He apologized but not with enough emotion for me. He said "I pressed the wrong button on the computer. It was a computer malfunction". Computer Malfunction?!!!

I told him that I thought he had been dismissive of some of my questions at the visits including asking about alternative birth control. And I told him I could no longer be his patient. His response? "You gotta do what you gotta do. I apologize profusely" (again, no emotion).

Now I'm waiting to my regular milk supply to return. I *think* it is building back up. But last night worried me because I nursed Fay to the point where there was no more milk and then Ryan got home and gave her a bottle of expressed milk (from before the incident) and she sucked down the whole 3 oz!

It seems every year I get new reasons to questions those around me. I hate to become cynical or mistrustful. But that seems to be the safer thing to do.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Andy's visit

I've been remiss in not posting about Uncle Andy's visit. Andy visited a week ago -- the weekend after thanksgiving. Even though we will be going to FL to celebrate xmas with Andy in a couple weeks he couldn't wait that long to see Fay. Awwww. Well, let me tell you, it was an exciting NYC weekend for Andy. He arrived on Friday and Ryan took him out for a late dinner. Saturday we hung around the house with Fay. And Saturday night we all went to a neighborhood pizza place for dinner. Fay got a snuggled up in her fleece footy outfit, slept for 1/2 the meal, nursed a little at the restaurant and then slept for 5 hours. That was the first of the previously mentioned sleep shift that I mentioned in the previous post. Andy left on Sunday morning. So it was a brief visit. But we will see him again and all the Janssens at xmas for 10 day! Fay and I are looking forward to that.

Here is a photo of Andy's visit:
who is this imposter? I want daddy

Monday, December 3, 2007

5 hour sleep = bliss

First off, Happy 6 week birthday to Fay. Today marks 6 weeks since she came into our world. I've been reading that 6 week marks the time when infants start to become more socially aware AND begin to sleep for longer periods during the night (5-6 hours). Well, like clockwork Fay has slept a 5 hour stint for the past 3 nights. And last night she slept 5 hours, was up for 1/2 hour and then slept another 4 hours!!. That equals about 8 hours combined sleep for mom! It actually means a lot more than than:

1. I only have to get up once in the night.
2. The night waking is brief so it is easier for me to return to sleep.
3. The "night" period lasts a shorter amount so my day can start earlier.

This last point is important but not necessarily obvious to those not living in my sleeping world. With the previous cycle of multiple wakings throughout the night and 2-3 hours sleep periods, it would be noon by the time I caught up on 7 hours of sleep because of the additional wakeful periods during the night. This makes it feel like you are much more of a slave to the wee one's schedule since you cannot hope to schedule anything for the morning -- not even a shower!

Lets hope Fay continues this trend. It makes mommy a well rested and less cranky person. :)

I also have to write about Uncle Andy's visit to town, but I haven't uploaded the photos yet. That will come next..