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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First shots

Fay got her first immunization shots today. She is 8 weeks as of yesterday so she was scheduled for her 2 months shots. I wanted to schedule them a number of days ahead of our xmas trip so if there was a bad reaction, we would be in town to deal with it.

Fay has been a really good baby so far. Not much crying at all. Not much fussing either. She just squawks a little when she wakes up for food or when she wants to be held and is not getting enough mommy or daddy time. Today I got to hear her real cry. It took about 2 seconds for the prick of the needle to affect her. Then she let out a terrible cry. Of course it broke my heart. And she still had two shots to go. :(

After the shots I put her back in the Baby Bjorn and she crashed to sleep right away. All was well through another feeding and another brief nap until she awoke and started crying inconsolably. It didn't help that mommy was out of the house and therefore there was no consoling boob to be found. Daddy tried to console with the bottle which was a fairly good temporary solution. But once the boob found its way home, Fay finally settled down. I also gave her a little baby Tylenol as suggested by the doctor in case of fever.

She is now put to bed, and sleeping well. I was told she could be irritable after the shots, and clearly she was. Hopefully it will not be a long lasting irritability.

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