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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

xmas vacation and eye contact!

Florida Fay

Fay, Ryan and I just returned from a wonderful xmas vacation with Ryan's family in Ft. Lauderdale. We took a slew of photos as well as some video. My favorite photo is of Fay in a little beach bonnet and suit.

We spent the first week in a condo in Ft. Lauderdale, not too far from Uncle Andy's condo. Fay celebrated her first xmas by eating and sleeping. Oh and by participating in many photo shoots.

Grandma and Fay on xmas Fay's xmas ballet

Then we took a car trip up to New Smyrna to stay at Ryan's grandma's condo. We visited with Ryan's Great Aunt Betty while we were there. That would be Fay's Great-Great Aunt Betty!

At dinner in New Smyrna
Sea Watch dinner

We learned quickly that Fay does not like long car rides. Living in NYC, we haven't had to deal with cars much. And I have always heard that babies LOVE car rides. Granted, the rides went a little smoother once I learned to bring a bottle of milk along, but Fay still let us know that she'd rather be held than sit in a car seat.

another damn car ride

We finished off the week with babysitting duty for the grandparents and a night on the town in Miami for the new parents. I managed to get a cold during the last few days of vacation, so my big night out was not as exhilarating as I had hoped for. But I still had a good time popping cold medication and having a few drinks. Ryan and I saw some great jazz and finished up the year on the beach, celebrating with a great mix of party-goers, families and beach bums. Great people watching (not to mention the fireworks).

The weather was glorious the entire week. So we got a lot of beach time and golf time. Fay really wanted to watch her daddy golf. But apparently there are age restrictions on who can ride in the golf carts. So Fay may not be able to see daddy golf until her 5th birthday.

The highlights of the week would be seeing Fay "swim" for the first time. When put on her tummy she knows how to lift her heavy head up and out of the water. We think she is a natural swimmer. She also gave some very cute kicks that looked like swimming.

kick kick water love Natural swimmer

Also, Fay started giving consistent eye contact and smiles. There was a tease of this before the vacation but nothing really you could count on.

Smiles for Uncle Andy
smiles for Andy
Now, Fay looks at you when she notices you and will smile several times a day. Very cute! And very rewarding for mom to feel that Fay now knows who I am (previously known only as the food source).

(You can see all the vacation photos in the Flickr set here: Vacation Set)

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Amity said...

Aww look at that little water baby. She is getting so big! Happy New Year.