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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The fabled Seven Hour Stretch

When we were in Florida with Ryan's family over the holidays we left Fay with her grandparents for New Years Eve -- for the entire night. It was during this night that Fay decided to sleep for 7 hours straight for Grandma. Or so Grandma told us. Once we returned to NYC Fay was not sleeping more than 5 hours for her longest stretch. AND the 5 hours was followed by 1.5 hours segments. Not a good night's sleep for mom.

I think little Fay caught a little cold on her trip to Florida and that was causing her not to sleep well once we returned. It wasn't a bad cold, but enough to wake her up frequently during the night.

THEN! all of a sudden, last night, my little star of a sleeper returned. She slept SEVEN hours straight, followed by a brief 1/2 hour feeding and then another 4 hours of sleep. WOW! With that schedule I could almost go to bed at a regular adult time. (For the past week I've been going to bed at 8 or 9 to catch as many zzzzs as possible)

We are heading to Mpls on Friday for a long weekend so Fay can meet her cousins, grandpa and Gumpa (Ron). I wanted this trip to happen sooner than later so when we return to nyc we can work on a consistent sleep schedule (not rigid, but fairly predictable). Right now she is still sleeping in her carseat (oh my!) instead of the crib. So we would like to move her to the crib asap.

We actually started putting Fay in the crib during the first 3 or so weeks of her life. But then something happened -- perhaps the Friend's Thanksgiving weekend where we noticed she was sleeping for longer stretches in the car seat. I chalked it up to the carseat being set at a slight incline (more comfortable that flat on the back), and the carseat being small and cozy. When Fay kicks out in the carseat she meets with resistance which is more similar to being in the womb.

But the time has come for the crib, because if we are going to expect her to sleep through the night we have to get her in the crib first. Anyway, that is the next little goal. She usually takes her hour long morning nap in the crib and does pretty well. So at this point I don't expect it to be a big deal (fingers crossed!)

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