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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mpls trip

Fay and I have just returned from a long weekend in Minneapolis. Fay was especially excited to meet her cousins Maddie, Natalie and Lauren

grandpa and his grandchildren

We spent Friday evening visiting with the cousins, Aunt Mimi and Grandpa Lowe at Mimi's house. The girls were curious about what Fay could do...."can she crawl? does she use a high chair?" they asked. Fay's biggest accomplishment to date is eye contact, cooing and smiling. Oh and she loves to be held. So all the girls took turns holding Fay. She looks much bigger when placed in an eleven year old's arms

Maddie and Fay

Aunt Mimi got in some necessary cuddle time and was able to pass on some wisdom after having 3 babies of her own.

Aunt Mimi

Saturday and Sunday were spent at Nana's house, visiting with Nana and Gumpa and entertaining friends.


On Saturday 4 of my high school friends came by. And baby Ruby attended as well. We visited all afternoon while my mom fed us with Pizza and snacks. As a new mom who is usually stressed out just trying to get a shower in the morning, I felt totally pampered having food prepared for me allowing me to just sit and chat with friends. I had such a fun afternoon catching up. I do so love my Mpls friends.

high school gang plus two

On Sunday we had more friends and more food. My mom cooked a little brunch and Penny, Jeanne, and Shelley stopped by along with their toddlers. Also, my cousin Jackie was able to stop in and meet Fay. It was another fun afternoon. Though! it was not quite as relaxed as Saturday. Add four toddlers into the mix and the energy level gets quite a bit higher. And two of the toddlers are twins who love to fight over everything -- including who gets to wear which coat upon leaving. :) Shelley is in the super mom category.

Sunday brunch

After returning from Mpls Fay slept a whopping 9.5 hours last night. Granted, she did not get much sleep while traveling home on the plane. For some reason she was restless. When she finally crashed at 8:30pm, she slept until 6AM. AMAZING!

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