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Monday, December 3, 2007

5 hour sleep = bliss

First off, Happy 6 week birthday to Fay. Today marks 6 weeks since she came into our world. I've been reading that 6 week marks the time when infants start to become more socially aware AND begin to sleep for longer periods during the night (5-6 hours). Well, like clockwork Fay has slept a 5 hour stint for the past 3 nights. And last night she slept 5 hours, was up for 1/2 hour and then slept another 4 hours!!. That equals about 8 hours combined sleep for mom! It actually means a lot more than than:

1. I only have to get up once in the night.
2. The night waking is brief so it is easier for me to return to sleep.
3. The "night" period lasts a shorter amount so my day can start earlier.

This last point is important but not necessarily obvious to those not living in my sleeping world. With the previous cycle of multiple wakings throughout the night and 2-3 hours sleep periods, it would be noon by the time I caught up on 7 hours of sleep because of the additional wakeful periods during the night. This makes it feel like you are much more of a slave to the wee one's schedule since you cannot hope to schedule anything for the morning -- not even a shower!

Lets hope Fay continues this trend. It makes mommy a well rested and less cranky person. :)

I also have to write about Uncle Andy's visit to town, but I haven't uploaded the photos yet. That will come next..

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