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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

6 month report card

I should have made a little more fanfare over Fay's 6 month birthday! She turned 6 months on April 22. And we just had her 6 month check up last Sunday.

So I think it would be nice to document what Fay is like at 6 months. Some things that haven't changed:

  1. Fay still spits up a lot. Some days its a little, some days its a lot. You just never know.

  2. Fay still loves the boob. If she could have anything in the whole world at any moment in time, it would be a boob. Right....left....doesn't matter

  3. Fay still really wants to crawl, but eh, not much progress there.

  4. Fay's favorite toy is *still* the rings. These are about 8 interlocked rings of various colors and textures. She has liked them since she's been able to lock her fingers around them.

  5. Still takes 3 naps a day. Still not on any kind of schedule. I take that back, you can generally count on a 6:20 wake up time and a 8am nap. After that its to the wind.

  6. Still gets eczema on her neck. A lot. But still doesn't bother her.

  7. Likes to blow spit through her lips for fun. Though in the past month she has added more sound and pitches to the blowing.

Some things that have changed:

  1. Fay is pretty good at sitting up. She still topples over occasionally, so we don't leave her alone unsupported without pillows propped behind her back. But for the most part she's got the lean-forward balancing thing down.

  2. Fay is a lot more interested in whatever the grown ups are playing with than her own toys. Her favorite it paper -- newspaper, writing paper, books, etc. Mandy reports that she also really likes her cell phone.

  3. Fay has become a bit of a gymnast on the changing table. She likes to twist and turn just when you are trying to put a new diaper on. It seems she may want to lick the wall, or the changing mat itself.

  4. Fay doesn't love the stroller. She'd much rather be hanging off mama's chest in the Ergo carrier.

  5. She doesn't go down as easily at 7pm as she used to. Recently she likes to nap for about 40 min and then wake up at 7:40. Thing is, now that we are close to the summer solstice, its super light out at that hour. Can you blame her?

  6. She eats 2-3 serving of solid food a day and about 25 oz of milk. She eats everything she's been offered except for avocados. Daddy had no luck with the avocados.

  7. Fay is still 75th percentile in length, but just 25th percentile in weight (down from 50th percentile. So she's thinning out. Though you couldn't tell it by the look of her great baby thighs. Hopefully she won't become a waif when she starts to crawl. She is now 15lbs.

  8. Fay will roll over and sleep on her tummy in her crib. But most of the time she still remains on her back through the night.

  9. Fay loves attention from strangers. But she pretty indifferent towards other babies.

  10. Jury is out on whether or not Fay knows what the heck is looking back at her from the mirror.

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