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Monday, February 23, 2009

back to work again

So I've decided to seek some part-time work. I've had so much fun staying home with Fay, but I've been feeling its time to go back to work for several reasons. The best reason is that I've started craving having a personal life away from Fay. Funny I should call that a personal life. Perhaps individual life would be a better phrase. Regardless, sometimes I feel like it would do both of us some good if I had some interests outside of the home. Secondly, Fay has definitely matured since I quit my job and decided to stay home and her play has changed to be more independent. So I find myself with more time during the day to check my email or bake a new pastry. And I think it might be interesting to me to spend some of that time actually building something or learning something. Thirdly, it would *definitely* be nice to get some more cash in the bank. Living on one salary hasn't been a hardship, but it has required us to budget more strictly. I've got my eye on a small summer vacation/long weekend to Fire Island this coming summer and that is not going to happen if I don't add a little income to the family pot.

I was a little concerned that in the current economic climate it might be hard to find a job and even harder to find a part-time job. But I have managed to find something, through a friend. And I think it will be interesting work. I am going into the office tomorrow to learn all the details. But I've already specified that I would like to work 3 days a week. I am hoping, 3 days working, 4 days with Fay a week will be ideal.

I'm a little nervous for the "back-to-work" transition. The first time I had to do it, after maternity leave, it was difficult and quite emotional. Granted, I was pumping milk from day one back on the job. So there were a lot of uncomfortable, unfamiliar, hormonal issues with that. One thing that calms my nerves this time is the fact that it is contract work. I imagine this project will probably last about 6 months. So, if after 6 months, I am missing Fay terribly again, perhaps I can take another leave of absence. Also, I believe there may be a chance that I can do some work from home. I'm not sure that will be ideal, since its hard to work with Fay around, but it is a nice option in case I need it.

Now I just have to find some child care....again!


Ryan said...

All I can say: thank god she is going to get her lazy bon-bob eating ass off the couch. Daddy ain't no unlimited gravy train.

J LO said...

What are bon-bobs? Do you think there will be any left for our next hedonistic visit!!!

spardova said...

Hi Jess - I do sneak on and read your blog from time-to-time and just love it. I'm sorry I haven't met gorgeous Faye in person but it sounds like she has a great life. I love working part time and have done it ever since my guys were little. While they were babies/toddlers I did 3 days a week, and now that Amanda is finally in Kindergarden, I do 4 days a week, leaving at 2:30 to do school pick up.

Maybe we'll see you guys this summer? I'm hoping to do a week on the North Shore of Long Island at my cousin's house at some point. And if you are even in D.C., we would love, love, love to host you all.

Love, Sheryl Wilkins Pardo

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