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Monday, June 1, 2009

petting zoo and ketchup

On Saturday Ryan and I decided to take Fay to the petting zoo in Central Park. Fay was just getting over a cold which makes her really tired. So she went down for a 2+ hour nap at 9:30 in the morning. This left a huge portion of the day after her nap to get out and do something fun.

Fay LOVES to feed the animals. She didn't even have to be shown what to do, she just took to it naturally. Could be her nurturing nature. :)

We managed to capture a video of it. I think we've discovered the fun of video. We have video right on our camera, so its really easy to decided to film something without having to remember to lug out the specialized video camera.

After the zoo, we took the bus home, landing a good 20 min walk before our apt. We took a stroll along St. Marks and stopped at our favorite hipster hot dog joing -- Crif Dogs. Fay has really liked tater tots since she first tried them (about a month ago). But today was different. She noticed mommy and daddy dipping their tots in to ketchup and decided to try it for herself. V. cute.

(Wow, do I dress Fay in the pigeon shirt a lot or what? Mommy likes her shirt creations)


J LO said...

Heinz Ketschup - Germany

Was Fay eating some sort of a German Ketchup?


Jess and Ryan said...

I corrected the spelling almost immediately!!!