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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The August babies turn two

summer 2009 166

Fay likes to hang with the older crowd. So this weekend we celebrated many of her neighborhood friends' 2nd birthdays with a group birthday party in the park.

At one point, we wrangled all the kids into the toy boat and began to snap photos. I think the photos mostly memorialize our feat of wrangling with no crying or injuries. Sooo many kids!

If you go to this link you can see many photos of the same moment, plus a video at the end. These are Orion's mom's photos:


lifestudent said...

I was searching around about information on transitioning to one nap and one of your posts came up :) Just thought I would stop by and say Hello! I have an LO approaching her 1st birthday in a few weeks ...

Jess and Ryan said...

Thats so nice! I hope my blog post helped. I was thoroughly obsessed with naps during Fay's first 18 months. As we all are, I imagine.