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Monday, November 23, 2009

Friends' Thanksgiving


We went away for our annual Friends' Thanksgiving last weekend. And we had a really good time. We shared a house in Bridgehampton with 8 friends and 6 kids. Ryan may have summed it up last night when we were talking about our weekend. He said -- I don't think I had very many adult conversations. The weekend seemed to revolve around enjoying our kids and entertaining our kids while we tried to enjoy ourselves. One of the families was from the west coast, and were trying to keep their kids on west coast we had east coast kids up at 6am and west coast kids up until midnight. There wasn't much time left for drunken poker games that we might have had in past years.


Best partier award goes to Fay. After a late Friday night up with her pals, and a short nap on Saturday, Fay literally passed out on the kitchen floor. Plenty of noise was being made around her while she slumbered for 2 hours in the middle of the action.

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