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Friday, February 26, 2010

Potty training attempt number one

Fay is 2 years and 4 months, and the new baby is about 5 months away, AND Fay has been showing signs of not liking her droopy diaper. So we decided it was time to attempt some potty training. From what I've read, the fastest approach (train your kid in 2 days!) is based on letting your kid run around naked for two days and getting them on the potty when they have to go (and for occasional sit downs just to see if they have to go).

I love all the articles and forums I've read where people say "pull-up" diapers are evil. Not exactly sure what that means, but the implication is that they do not help in potty training. I can see the point -- the kid will not feel the pee or will not be as uncomfortable by the pee if it is safely deposited in a pull-up diaper rather than running down his/her leg. But I don't think a kid will be fully potty trained so quickly, and accidents are bound to happen. I've decided that whenever we are home, Fay can wear regular underwear, or go naked. This will help her know when she goes pee so she can begin to associate it with the "before I go pee feeling". And when we are out, we'll wear pull-ups or diapers. Once she has convinced me that she really gets it and is really happy about going pee in the potty, I'll put her in underpants while out of the house. I'm really not overly concerned with speed.

I may eat my words as the new baby due date approaches. But we'll take that as it comes.

On another note, we *finally* got Fay to accept sleeping in her big girl bed. We got it over 2 months ago and Fay has wanted to sleep in her crib instead. Last week one of the bars on the crib came out (needs to be glued back in). So we declared the crib broken and told her she had to sleep in the big girl bed. She had one night of protest crying, and has been happy ever since. Phew.

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