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Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer is 1/2 over

Summer is half over and I haven't posted nearly enough. Rex is walking up a storm. He doesn't even really crawl anymore. And more importantly, he turned ONE! The year definitely went fast. We had a small birthday party for Rex in the East River park. We invited about 7 families with 1-2 kids -- mostly Fay's little friends who also have new babies Rex's age. It was a hot day so we positioned ourselves by the "Seal Park" which has water fountains and Seal statues coming out of the ground as if they are swimming. I didn't bring Fay's swimsuit so she got stripped down to her pants. It was a great summer scene...


We had lots of dinosaur themed items around for the of all, I found a cake mold in the form of a T-Rex....


My mom and niece Natalie came in for the weekend to help celebrate Rex's birthday and to enjoy NYC. They helped with the party, and even better....they babysat Fay and Rex for a full day while Ryan and I went sailing on the Hudson with friends. I think it was an exhausting day for them. But, I know it wasn't sooo bad because at the end of the day Natalie said "I want a baby". :)


Other big news....Fay got her first bike. We put training wheels on it, and she did pretty well. As long as she wasn't going uphill even the slightest bit. That bike is heavy!

Rexie walking more....

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