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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

28 weeks later

Today I turn 28 weeks pregnant. I'm officially in the third trimester ( I think that started at week 27) and I am finally getting consistent offers for seats on the subway. I'd say thats a milestone. I thought it was time to update the blog with a belly shot, so in another couple months I can remember how "small" I was. Speaking of large bellies, I went for another doctor appointment last Friday and got weighted. I am now 150 lbs! Ryan came along for the visit and stepped on the scale after me to see who weighed more. Safe to say I am still 5 pounds lighter than Ryan. But I am quickly closing. Seems I'm averaging about 6 pounds a month gain. Doc said that sounds fine, and we are now waiting to hear back from the Gestational Diabetes testing. This last visit I was required to drink a sugar solution one hour before giving blood for the GD testing. The drink tasted like sugary flat orange soda. Apparently if you normally do not eat a lot of sweets it can make you nauseated. I had no problem with it and I don't consider myself to have a sweet tooth. That is until I got pregnant. :)

The other milestone is the doc visits are starting to become more frequent now. My next appointment is in 3 weeks instead of 4, and after that they will go down to every 2 weeks! I must be on the downward slope.

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