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Friday, August 10, 2007

Officially the Baby Room

We received the crib this week. The delivery was a fiasco in itself. Our maintenance office is kind enough to receive UPS and FedEx packages for us when we are not home. So I had the crib delivered to the maintenance office. However, once it arrived they wouldn't take it -- claiming it was too large. It was a little heavy, but it wasn't that large. It was in pieces and still had to be put together. I rushed home from work to make sure we could receive it and then set about putting it together. As I later told Ryan...."I fought the crib and the crib won". I felt like such a stereotype. I simply could not figure out why the very first bolt was not going in as it should. So, after about an hour of trying, I gave up, hoping that Ryan would be smarter or at least more crib mechanically inclined than me. I knew I was risking ridicule and a glowing smug expression on my loving husband's face. But what could I do.

Luckily Ryan figured out the problem. To my defense, the instructions didn't even mention a part that I needed to use WITH the bolt in order to get it to lock into place. It wasn't on the part list and it wasn't mentioned in the step by step instructions. Thank goodness Ryan knows when to not pay attention to instructions. ;)

Finally, it took some furniture juggling, but we got the crib into its new home! I'd say there is no doubt upon entering our 2nd bedrroom that it is now officially the baby room.

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