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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Seeking Nanny...Again!

baby in a box

The big sad news around our house is that we are loosing our nanny, Mandy. We LOVE Mandy. We also hate searching for a new nanny. Its tough to find a person that you trust to care for your baby. I've been searching now for about a week and there are plenty of qualified, good people out there that could care for Fay just fine. But I want the really exceptional one that I feel comfortable inviting into my home.

I'm not sure how I did it the first time, perhaps it was just luck. But when Mandy comes each morning at 8am sharp, I consistently end up talking to her about Fay, or about other things until I'm running out the door, almost late for work. We love to ouu and ahh over Fay. We laugh about her when she's grumpy and stubborn (silly baby! you're not in charge!), and we get excited about her little accomplishments and changes. Mandy has declared that she would like to have Fay walking by the time she leaves at the end of August. I doubt this will happen since Fay will only be 10 months but she is well on her way. Did I mention that Fay is pulling up on furniture and walking while holding on (for dear life and balance) to my fingers? Much of this is due to Mandy's encouragement I have no doubt.

So now I'm on the hunt. I have 3 weeks to go before Ryan and I leave for a Nebraska vacation and have to return to a home minus the Manders (as we like to call her). Cross your fingers for me.

(Photo at top is courtesy of Manders. One of the many creative playtimes with Fay -- put her in a diaper box!)

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