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Monday, October 27, 2008

Fay's Birthday Party


We had Fay's birthday party on Saturday. I believe Fay had an AWESOME time. Sometimes she gets skittish around other babies or adults and needs her mom to hold her and create a little safety zone. But she seemed quite comfortable being at home with all the visitors. She was playing and smiling and crawling around. She also LUUUUVVVVED the mini-pumpkin pies. I think she had three. Whipped cream wasn't bad either.

she's havin a good day

We were indoors due to rain. Ryan and I were concerned that it would get too crowded and overwhelming with all the adults and kiddos in our living room. But I think it turned out to be quite comfortable. There were people on the balcony - which helped with the extra space. And there were a handful of friends that couldn't make it because they were out of town or had other engagements. So I think the number of people was perfect. We had about 24 adults and 13 kids.

We had a great weekend with the Grandmas too. On Friday we all went to the Essex Market cafe to get yelled at and harassed by the servers. They are known for being a bit surly, but I felt like they wanted to throw down at one point. They were miffed at us because we came in with a party of four but then ran into our neighborhood friend Dia and turned into a party of 5. Plus, I immediately split my plate with Dia because it was too much for me. The server came over and said we broke their only two rules: 1) you cannot have a party larger than four and 2) everyone has to order something. So Dia got a menu and looked it over. When the server came back to take her order he just about exploded when she asked for it TO-GO. He thought that was not at all rule compliant.

Ryan and I got to go out BOTH nights this weekend. On Friday we went to a Broadway show with the grandmas and on Saturday the grandmas babysat while we went out for a nice dinner.

The whole weekend was quite a success and now I am enjoying having a Fay nap time where I neither have to knit nor cook. In preparation for the party I knitted about 20 finger puppets to give as favors. I was in crunch mode by the end trying to make enough. But I think they went over well. I'll have to dig up a photo of them -- I think my mom took one.

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