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Sunday, November 2, 2008

one year molars

It seems Fay is right on time with the arrival of her one year molars. She's been teething for about two weeks now. At first I thought she had a wicked cold. We were on our way to a friend's baby's first bday party two weeks ago and Fay had the rosiest cheeks I've ever seen. Also snot seemed to be pouring out of her nose. I questioned even going to the party because I didn't want to get the other babies sick. But then the social butterfly in me took over and I just couldn't miss the party. I'm sure Fay would agree with the choice if she had any words.

But now I'm certain she never had a cold, she's just been teething for two weeks. When it finally dawned on me Fay was busy sticking a soft stuffed toy waaaaay to the back of her mouth and chomping/sucking on it for 15 minutes. Her eating habits have been somewhat erratic too. Sometimes at lunch time shes just not hungry for anything. And she has a little cough a night which I think is from the drool draining down her throat.

I think she's about done...the symptoms are letting up. She's sleeping through the night again without any wake ups (except for some cute little coughs occasionally). But I have yet to see the molars. Maybe I'll have to do a little inspecting tomorrow.

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J LO said...

Open wide, Fay!!! Here comes your mama.