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Sunday, November 23, 2008

telling first word?

OK, I'm not going to certify today as Fay's "first word" day. But I SWEAR I heard her say a word this afternoon...

We walked to the changing table. I was telling Fay that I was going to take off her diaper so she could take a bath. As soon as I set her on the changing I was about to say something like "lets get this diaper off..." Fay interrupted me and said


Now, Fay has been babbling a lot. She does ma ma ma, and ba ba ba, and da da da. But I've never heard her use the N sound. And yet, it was as clear as day.


I'm afraid if that was really her first word, I've got trouble ahead.


Granny said...

Oh, boy---sounds ominous!

J LO said...

Where did she learn NO???