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Monday, November 17, 2008

intrusive comments -- take two

Later that day...

Fay is bundled in her winter coat. She had knee high socks on, red sweat pants. Mommy MAY have been a little underdressed. AND I was carrying Fay in the Ergo sling carrier (which adds extra warmth from mommy/baby combined body warmth).

Old man (with a capital O) coming into apt building: Its too cold for babies.

Me: Soooo, she can't go outside all day?
Old Man: Nope, its too cold out there for babies.
Me: Wow, sure will be hard to be confined to our apartment all day.

OK, I should not have been snide. He was just looking out for us I'm sure.

Oh and it was FORTY FIVE DEGREES outside. What happens when it gets even colder. Am I supposed to stock up and retire to the fallout shelter NOW?

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Heather said...

I've had a woman stop traffic to tell me that I needed to have more on my baby when she was warm (actually had to take some off to make her happy)

and someone tell me that I shouldn't take her outside... when I was coming back from getting groceries so I could eat when my husband was out of town.

People are ridiculous.
I'm in GA... I wonder what people think people do up North... lock themselvs and their babies inside for 6 months of the year?