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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


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I'm a little late getting my Halloween post up with photos of Fay in her costume. Of course Sandy and/or Andy never fail to remind me when I've been remiss in my blogging duties! I shouldn't make fun though, because its nice to know that there are people eager to read Fay's baby blog.

Last Friday was Halloween. I spent Thursday preparing Fay's costume. I didn't have to make it but I did have to do some alterations and I had to dye some tights. I didn't search long and hard, but I kinda assumed that it would be difficult to find black baby tights. So I used some white tights and dyed them black. Fay was to be a pumpkin! Last year Grandma Sandy gave us a huge pumpkin costume when Fay was just a week old. It was made in a sleep sack style, so all I had to do for this year was cut out some legs and sew up the edges!

Daddy invited us to his office during the day because he and his staff usually dress up for Halloween. Fay was being a bit of a pill for the entire visit. She didn't want to be held by anyone but mommy, and she didn't want to eat her lunch but she was clearly starving. So it was not much fun for anyone.

first trick or treat!

However, things changed dramatically that evening. We met up with our neighborhood friends and babies and brought Fay to the co-op kiddie parade. Afterwards we did some very brief trick-or-treating (at ONE apartment) and then went to a friends house to gather with the kids. Fay is normally a little skittish when it comes to homes or environments that is she not familiar with...

if I could just reach....

But she LUUUVed being at Ella's house. She went right over to the toy stack and started digging in. It was really fun to watch and also quite a relief from holding her much of the day.

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