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Monday, November 17, 2008

intrusive comments -- a weekly occurance

I may have to start a second blog dedicated to all the intrusive comments I get in my building elevator. Mostly these comments are triggered by the fact that I have a baby with me.

Yesterday I went jogging in 50 degree weather ( windy too ) with Fay in the jogging stroller. It was about noon on a Sunday. I was wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and long pants. Fay was wearing a turtle neck, winter coat, long pants, socks and a blanket over her legs. For part of the run she was wearing a hat, until she yanked it off.

When I returned to the apt a woman who was heading out helped me with the door and then stopped to comment:

Woman: Thats all you're wearing? Isn't it cold out there?
Me: I was running, you get hot when you run.
Woman: (motioning to Fay) Was she running too?
Me: (trying not to show annoyance on my face) She was riding with me. But she's wearing a lot more clothing.

Thats the second time someone has moved from commenting on my skimpy running clothing to commenting on Fay's clothes when she is dressed completely appropriately. Its like they project my running outfit onto Fay's little body.

Wouldn't that be awesome, if I dressed Fay in a little Nike running outfit to match whatever I am wearing? Maybe I could give her little headphones and a pedometer too.

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J LO said...

Before I take sides on this, I would like to see a photo of the runner mom and the abused baby.