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Thursday, November 20, 2008

one handed assisted walking

Fay has been using my hands to help her walk for over 3 months now. When it started, I thought...."she'll we walking any day now!" I remember in August when we left her with Grandma Sandy for 4 days, I was afraid she would walk for the first time when I wasn't there to see it.

Fay, however, had a much different schedule in mind. This week I finally got her to walk with ONE of my hands. I've tried it several times in the past and she would either get mad and scream at me, or just let go and start crawling instead. She's gotten so good at practically running while holding my two hands that its quite a difference to walk with just one. She has to sloooooow down and be careful.

But she has now accepted the one handed walking challenge and she's quite good at it. It looks almost as difficult as walking on her own, so now I'm convinced she'll be walking within a couple weeks. I'm sure I'm right this time.


J LO said...

Maybe she will walk for daddy's birthday present. I walked at 14 months. Do the math. Good genes.

Love, Nana

Granny said...

Tell Fay that if she is walking by next Wed., she will be the boss over Sparky---we girls like "power' challenges------Hey,Jan, Ryan and Andy did not walk till 14 months either---I don't know when I walked---Hmmmm, I wonder if my Mom might possibly remember---I will ask her.

Jess and Ryan said...

mom, when did I walk?

J LO said...

Jess, you were a 12 monther!