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Friday, January 23, 2009

music class and snowday

skating rink in central parkblowing snow in central park

Well I've been having so much fun with Fay lately that I haven't put in any time posting to the blog! We signed up for a music class during winter which occurs once a week and has proven to be really fun. A couple of mom friends of mine that live in the area are putting it on. One of them has been teaching toddler music classes professionally but wants to break out on her own.

We play with instruments, and dance around and sing songs. Fay seems to be enjoying it. I can't wait for her to walk a little more so she can really get her groove on.

We've had major progress in the walking area. I've been offering my hand a little less and I've been setting Fay on her feet and then walking away. And she is taking about 5-6 steps on her own before falling down or gracefully descending to the ground. She has also chosen to take steps from a table supported stand to something a couch or a mommy. So she is well on her way.

I can't wait to start dressing her in dresses more often. I've put her in pants mostly because its hard to crawl in a dress. Today I put her in the shortest dress possible. Her tushy was hanging out (luckily it was covered by a diaper and onsie). But she could crawl and the tights were adorable.

Last weekend we had a beautiful snow day and decided to take a little trip to central park. Kids were sledding and making snowmen all over the place. We visited the skating pond and all our favorite sights. Fay mostly liked the squirrels. Ryan fed a squirrel a Ritz cracker right from his hand. As we walked away, Fay screamed for more! She wanted to go back and feed the squirrel some more. She LUVED that squirrel.

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