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Monday, January 12, 2009

still no walkie, still no talkie

Hmm, I'm a little lacking in milestones lately. Maybe its because I feel like I've been saying "she'll be walking any day now" for about 4 months. Maybe its because the 14th month bday has passed, and Fay's walking skills have not changed. I shouldn't say skills...she continues to get more stable and capable, but she simply refuses to let go of mommy's hand. When I let go of her hand mid-stride, she gently descends to her hands and knees to continue on her way. Well, and, sometimes she screams at me to let me know her displeasure at the situation. But I think mommy may have to start being almost as stubborn as her little one year old. I'm going to have to make the walking hand less available. I remember when we went from two hands to one, Fay had the same apprehension, but it only took a handful of days. I don't know if I can go cold turkey, but I'm going to make strides to restrict Fay's dependence on my hand. Perhaps I'll regret this once she is off and running and doesn't need me quite as much anymore.

Oh, and to be fair to the blog post title, Fay's word count is still at one. She says 'da-da'. She sometimes says it for more than daddy. But mostly it means daddy. :)

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