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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Ryan

One of the things Ryan and I really like about our apartment is the view. We can see the downtown skyline and the East River down to the Brooklyn/Manhattan bridges from our living room.

Many times I'll see Ryan ending his week (Sunday blues), by turning off the lights in the living room and staring out the window thinking of the week to come. (I don't really know what he is thinking about, but thats my guess). After a while, he'll finally turn in.

Tonight, Fay did the strangest thing. After returning from school, and eating a little dinner, Fay asked me to turn off each light in the living room, kitchen, and hallway that were illuminating the living room. Then she grabbed my hand and brought me to the window and asked "up, up". We stood looking out the window together for several minutes before going to her bedroom for some bedtime reading.

She's never seen Ryan do his ritual -- it is much too late for her. So I can only gather that she is a chip off her father's block.

It was especially charming to have that happen tonight since Ryan is out of town for the weekend and it was nice to be reminded of him through his daughter.

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