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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Real Life Swiper

One of Fay's favorite TV shows is Dora the Explorer. Each episode follows the same pattern. Dora and her friends have a mission: to find something that's lost, or deliver something to someone. Whatever the mission, Dora has to travel to 3 different locations to get to her final destination. Along the way there are puzzles to figure out, problems to solve, colors to identify, etc. ALSO, Dora has a nemesis who may attempt to thwart her plans....Swiper. Swiper is a fox who shows up each episode and tries to "swipe" something from Dora. Then she has to find it again.

Over xmas break while Ryan, Fay and I were waiting in multiple airports for our planes, we started playing the Swiper game. Ryan would talk about how he just saw Swiper and then WHOOSH! something that fay was holding would disappear behind Ryan's back. Fay would have to say Dora's signature line "Swiper, no swiping!" in order to get it back. Fay really loves this game.

Last week I was at home with Fay and we were getting ready to go to our co-op's playroom. I was looking for her sippy cup ( A Dora cup! She calls it Dora Water), which was no where to be found. But I had just seen Fay carrying it 30 minutes earlier. So I asked Fay where it was. She didn't know. I looked for it EVERYWHERE. We don't have a large apt, so I was really surprised when I couldn't find it. I asked Fay again...."Fay, do you know where the Dora Water is?"

Fay said "Swiper!"

Pretty good answer. I'm not sure which is scarier... The fact that she may have an excuse for anything that goes missing, or the fact that she may live in a world where Swiper actually exists."

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