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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bad rain mommy and the joy of new boots

We bought Fay some new rain boots since spring is here and it will be raining a lot. She is a size 7 in shoes but she has been in that size for almost a year, so I feel like she will be growing out of 7s soon. So we bought the boots in a size 8.

This morning we left for school and started walking to the bus, Fay with her umbrella and rain boots. Shortly out of the door Fay wanted to be picked up because it was just too windy and horrible.

So I put down Fay's Dora umbrella (recent gift from grandma), and shove it under my arm. I pick up Fay and hold my umbrella over both of us. We are walking towards the bus.

Fay says "boot fall off!". And I reach down to grab one of her boots just as it is almost off her foot. Phew. We make it to the bus stop and I set Fay down. She already looks like a wet rat. I discover that I do not have the Dora umbrella.

I tell Fay and the entire bus stop that we dropped the umbrella. I pick Fay back up and trudge all the way back down near our building entrance where I have dropped the umbrella.

On our way back to the bus stop Fay's boot falls off. I pick it up and hold it, and Fay, and the Dora umbrella.

I make it to the bus stop, throw the umbrellas to the ground and put Fay's boot back on before setting Fay down. Fay says "up up!". The bus arrives right then (thank God) and we struggle onto the bus. I get Fay in her seat and go pay the fare.

We make it to the school bus stop. I have secured the Dora umbrella in the plastic bag I'm carrying and I set out to carry Fay to school. She wants to walk.

So we walk with her umbrella up, and 30 feet before the school entrance she stumbles in her boots (which I now know are way too big) and falls flat on her face. Her pants are soaking wet and she is crying.

I get inside the school and Fay's teacher is right there at the entrance to witness the mess of Fay and mommy.

We go to the classroom and the teacher pulls out a new pair of pants and offers to put Fay's shoes on.

Mommy exits.

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