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Thursday, March 18, 2010

a hint of things to come

Earlier that day

Yesterday Fay got some kind of 24 hour flu. We were having a toddler dinner at my friends' house with about 6 toddlers all eating turkey, strawberries and green beans. After eating for 15 minutes, Fay declared that she had a boo-boo and pointed to her tummy. She was standing on the floor in front of me while I asked her if her tummy hurt, and then she threw up all over me and my friend's rug.

One point of interest. Regurgitated strawberries are like red wine; they stain. I brought Fay to the bathroom in case she vomited again and I heard all the moms in the other room talking about how to remove the stain from the rug. By the time I came out, it looked like the rug had a permanent red circle on one end.

Fay and I went home and about 1/2 hour later, she threw up the other 1/2 of her dinner. I got her in a bath and quickly to bed because it was obvious she was very tired as well. About 90 minutes later, she threw up even more strawberries, all over her bed. Man! How many did she eat?

Ryan and I ran around cleaning bedding and towels and getting Fay's bed set up for a vomit filled night (sheet/towel bedding combo). We finally got her settled in again at about 10:30. And this is where I loose track of time.

Poor Fay was up every 90 minutes with the same sequence of events. She cried out for water, drank a healthy portion of water, laid back down, and 10 minutes later, threw up the water. After the first one of these, Fay needed some serious comforting, so I decided to sleep with her in her twin bed. Not the most comfortable decision of my life. I'm 5 months pregnant so I'm already into the phase where I have to shift positions 2-3 times a night. And Fay has not mastered the technique of sharing a bed. She pretty much passes out using as much of the bed as possible. Or, worse! She tries to snuggle up to me so that my nose is buried in the back of her head.

Anyway, she stopped waking up around 3am I think, and we both slept until 7am. For some reason, Fay was perky and awake and ready for mommy to be awake at 7am.

She managed to keep her breakfast down, so I knew we were pretty much in the clear. But, man, was I tired. She finally wanted to nap around 11am, and I got a nap in. But until then I was just a zombie mom. I thought, "oh no! this is how I'm going to feel every day when the new baby arrives". Fay will be in school some of those days. But on the days when I have two, it will be zombie-ville for sure.

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Who is paying for the rug?