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Monday, April 19, 2010

Fay's alone time

Fay moved to her big girl bed a couple months ago, but it took her a while to realize she can and should get out of bed by herself in the morning. For the first couple months, she delighted us by waking up and reading quietly in bed by herself until we came to get her.

Then, she started opening her door, walking across the hall and coming into our room to wake us up.

Now, she doesn't bother waking mommy and daddy up. She just goes out to the living room and plays by herself.

When I first realized this, I was lying in bed with the door open trying to wake up and motivate myself to get out of bed. I saw Fay run by our room, dashing into her own room to get her water bottle from her bed. Then she ran back out past our room to the living room to continue playing. It was just so cute and independent. She didn't care at all that mommy and daddy were still sleeping.

Whenever I sleep much past Fay I have this guilty pang that I should be up doing my mommy duties. So, even when she was reading quietly in her bed, I would try to get up at 7am to see if she was awake yet.

Now that Fay has found her new freedom time, I am apparently wasting my guilt......

Last weekend, I woke up before Fay and was puttering in the living room, making coffee, reading the paper. When she woke up and came out to the living room, she saw me, was a little surprised, and then......pissed off! She threw herself to the ground midway to the living room and gave a little tantrum. I had no idea how much she loved her alone time in the morning. Good news is I don't have to spring out of bed on weekends anymore. At least not until the new baby comes.


Anonymous said...

This post seems woefully incomplete: Upon waking, did you go to the bathroom before or after discovering her in the living room; you mentioned that coffee was made – was there any breakfast served; what were the lighting and temperature conditions like in the apartment, and did they influence your assessment of the situation. Please try to provide more detail next time.

Anonymous said...

But what happens next?!

Are there more mommy duties?

Inquiring minds want to know?

Anonymous said...

By the way, you are looking a bit chunky. You're pregnant -- right?

Anonymous said...