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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mom and Fay take separate vacations


My sister and I enjoyed a vacation together last weekend to Captiva Island, FL. She and her team won the trip as a bonus for exceeding her goals at work. She was able to invite a lucky guest to accompany her on the trip. It couldn't have come at a better time. For one thing, I'm 32 weeks pregnant, so I only have about two months left before my world is turned upside down. Also, my sister and I went through a rough patch last year -- we argued -- we stressed and we were not the sisters that either of us want to be. We really needed this trip away to catch up with each other and just enjoy each other away from the stresses of daily life and family. And I think that goal was accomplished. We both had a great time. The resort could not have been more relaxing...scratch that. The resort could have been more relaxing had we rented a car or golf car to take us the mile between our bungalow and the pool! But everything else was perfect!

Meanwhile, Ryan was going to stay home with Fay for the weekend, but at the last minute they were invited to Nebraska to spend the weekend with his mom and dad. Personally, I think Ryan's mom jumped at the chance to have Fay all to herself without that troublesome mommy always trying to keep her on schedule and feed her vegetables! And from the stories I've heard (I'm sure I haven't heard 1/2 of them) her goal was accomplished as well.

Ryan told me that all my mommy packing went to waste as Fay wore ONE outfit the entire time she was there (3 days). The outfit was a zip up hoodie with no undershirt and a pair of leggings. Ane her hair was never tied back (she has long bangs that always fall in her face). Strangely, he said they *did* change her into pajamas at night. I can only imagine they just picked up the clothes from the floor the next day and threw them back on. ;)

Also, Grannny admitted to keeping Fay up until TEN O'CLOCK most nights but assured me that she slept in late and took long naps.

I think that sounds like a true vacation. If I could've, I woiuld've been drinking every night, so why shouldn't Fay party like a rock star?

Sadly there are no photos of Fay's trip. I'm not sure whether I should be more disappointed in Daddy or Granny for that!


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if your husband was a grave disappointment. I am surprised the child survived the weekend. On the plus side, your sister looks hot.

Anonymous said...

I downloaded some of her photos.