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Friday, June 20, 2008

Fay is "crawling" aka scooting

On Thursday I got a text message from Mandy telling me that Fay was crawling. We'd been working on her all week because she was just on the cusp. And the breakthrough came on Thursday afternoon. Bummer that I wasn't home for it, but Mandy caught some great video, and we've been having fun today with her new skill.

So I have two new videos for you. You can see for yourself how Fay gets around. She's not full fledged dangerous at this point; she only scoots for objects she really wants that are somewhat nearby. I'm sure she will advance to mad curious crawling baby shortly.

Mandy entices Fay to crawl with her red sneakers.

Fay goes for the remote


Neil said...

She's ready, alright! Time to babyproof the house.

Amity said...

So cute!