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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer is here


Not all of Fay's photos can be fashion shots.

We've been going through a bit of a heatwave over the past week. Normally Ryan and I pride ourselves on not running the A/C until absolutely necessary. Well, it may have been necessary even under normal circumstances this week...but with a new baby around, we didn't really hesitate. So we've had the A/Cs going for the past several days while Fay sits home with Mandy. Of course there have been the normal power outages that NYC suffers when the heat rises. I found myself concerned about my frozen milk (mama's milk). What happens if we loose electricity and I have to throw out months worth of pumping! With the hate of pump that I harbor, that may just make me tear up a bit.

But no such problem. We did loose water last night for a brief period. I'm not really sure why. I headed off to be at 11:00 with a small pit stop in the bathroom, only to discover that the toilet wouldn't flush. Eek! I just hoped that Ryan wouldn't wake in the middle of the night to an unwanted discovery. (he did :) )

Tomorrow, Mandy will take Fay to the first in a series of "splash on the roof" classes at Edgies. Edgies is the neighborhood parenting center I went to when I was on leave and met a bunch of great moms. I think Fay's new class will consist of some kind of kiddie pool with other babies and moms/nannies on the roof. I'll keep ya posted.

The other fun tidbit from this past week is Ryan and I planned and booked our winter vacation. We really wanted to go on a beach vacation because it seemed the easiest thing to do with a toddler. And we thought an "all-inclusive" family friendly resort would probably be the most enjoyable and hassle free. WELL, after several hours of research Ryan stumbbled upon a vacation package that seems a little too good to be true. We are booked at an all-inclusive family resort in Jamaica, that includes, get this, a "vacation-nanny". The resort will provide you with a vacation nanny every day of your stay. She will be the same woman each day, and if you want to use her services after hours, you pay a small hourly rate. SO, if we want to lounge by the pool with a little extra supervision...or get a massage..or whatever, we can have a little nanny help. I think we'll probably use her the most at night, so we can enjoy a nice dinner out. But it will certainly help in the "vacation" part of things to know we can use her during the day too.


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