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Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday playgroups

All facing forward!

I'm sure I've mentioned that every Friday a handful of moms in my neighborhood get together with our babies to socialize.

At this point there is no denying that the socializing is primarily for the moms, but we also like to see how our babies interact as they continue to get older and a bit more social themselves. I met most of these moms when I was on maternity leave and they were as well. Now some of us have returned to work, but quite a few of us managed to get Fridays off so we can continue these Friday get togethers.

This last Friday one of the moms had her camera and she attempted to get a good photo of all the babies in attendance. She snapped a series of photos all within a matter of seconds. And they are really great to view as a set. I suggest you use the slideshow link and cycle through them at a quick clip to see the action move from frame to frame.

Nicely, Fay is front and center so we can see all her movements clearly. :) The last photo is a keeper -- Eleanor looks like a movie star and Fay looks like a drunk movie star.

Playgroup Set: click here!

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hillham said...

LOVE these photos!