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Sunday, April 27, 2008

First solid....


Well, with Fay's first solid foods comes her first solid.....poo. I was just a little shocked to go to change her little diaper today and be greeted with her first little log. It was a stinker too. She's had several red faced moments in the past couple days so I was worried that she was a little constipated, so its a good think the poo showed up when it did.

On that note, we are well into feeding Fay solids. It was slow going at first. It didn't seem as if Fay really liked anything but bananas. But now we've tried peas (yummy), pears (yuck!), applesauce (tolerable), carrots (mmmmm!) and apple/blueberry mix (more please!). Oh and she hates rice cereal which is totally understandable. I think its yucky too.

I've been giving her two solid feedings per day over the past 3 days and it seems like she's getting used to it and even anticipating it a bit. She is still really partial to the boob. So I'll be curious to see how she acts tomorrow when Mandy returns. I advised Mandy a week ago to give her 1/2 a milk feeding and then to try solids, and then to finish the milk. That way she wouldn't be ravenous and mad when attempting solids. But it did not work for her. She said Fay wasn't interested in the solids and just wanted even more milk than before. Its pretty clear now that she was hungry but didn't know that the solids would satisfy her hunger as well. So I'll be curious to see how this coming week goes.

We went to brunch with friends and kids on Saturday, and then went to Tompkins sqaure park for some swinging fun. Joe got some great photos of all the kids. This one of Fay is from him. The blueberry stain on her tights is from daddy's blueberry pancakes at brunch.

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