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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Will she still love the boob?

banana? mmm spoon

Fay had her first solids this weekend. I've been kinda waiting for her 6 month birthday to start her on solids. But that is only 10 days away, and today just seemed like a good day to try. Fay's been watching me eat my cereal in the morning and today she even grabbed my spoon.

So we mashed up some banana, added a little breast milk and sat Fay in her new high chair.

It was like SHE'D BEEN WAITING for this moment. Like "hey mom and dad, could I have some of the good stuff already? I mean I like milk and all, but how about some good banana sweetness?".

She sucked and sucked on the spoon and did a great job getting the banana swallowed, and before we knew it she was holding the spoon and practically feeding herself.

The best part was the banana high after the meal. She had been sorta tired and sluggish all day and all of a sudden she was this happy, happy baby full of giggles and smiles. I wish I had caught that part on camera. What we DID capture was the eating. So fun!

Here she is...

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