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Monday, April 7, 2008

The pain of babyhood

Poor Fay. She was so happy in that last post. Laughing and giggling like the baby she is. But alas, the happiness is gone, the suffering has begun. The first tooth is here!

We have visual confirmation. Her first tooth has broken through the gums on her left middle bottom tooth. So cute! Its not yet tall enough to do much damage. And I have not felt any difference with the breast feeding. But it is here, and poor Fay was miserable today and yesterday.

I chatted a bunch with Mandy today while I was at work and she was trying to comfort Fay. During one phone call Mandy said "She looks at me like she's saying "can't you do something to help me?" Thats why I love Mandy. She really loves Fay. She wants her to have nothing but good days.

she's sitting!

Also, with the bad (pain) comes some good (development!). Fay is getting much better at sitting up on her own. She sat up long enough for us to snap a few photos last weekend. The best one, where she is sitting on her own, is blurry because I was a nervous mommy. I was so anxious she would fall over and hurt herself while I was taking snapshots that I don't think I could take a good one. Well, at least it captures the emotion involved in the moment. :)

proud mom

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