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Friday, April 25, 2008

Nana comes to town

Nana in nyc with the hat

Nana came to nyc last week to visit and to help babysit. Our nanny, Mandy needed to take a week off fairly early in her time with us so we didn't have time to plan a vacation to coincide with Mandy's. Instead we called in the troops (My mom) to help cover some hours. Nana came in on Saturday so we had some time to hang out before her babysitting duties. Then she took care of Fay on Monday and Tuesday while Ryan and I were at work.

It worked out great. I'm sure my mom loved to have some alone time with Fay. Its only with a full day that you can truly get to know her. She had one perfect day (perfect naps, happy all day) and one grumpy day (fussy, wouldn't take her last nap of the day). So I guess Nana got the full spectrum.

Nana brought a couple gifts for Fay, one of which was this hat with a GIANT flower on it. At first I hated it -- I thought it was a bit too obnoxious for Fay. But once it was on Fay's head, I grew to like it and then LOVE it. I think it is absolutely adorable and most of NYC tends to agree. Fay got quite a few comments on our Saturday outing with Nana, Fay, myself and the Hat.

Check out my mom's photos on Flickr for some more great photos from the weekend: Fay, NYC 042008

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