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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

18 months old today!

Happy 1/2 birthday to Fay. 18 months is a pretty big milestone date I believe. From what I've read its a big talking milestone. Toddlers on average have 5 words by their 18th month, and after that begin to acquire words at a much faster rate. I've read they can acquire 10 words a day!

Fay is not a big talker. But then she was slow to walk as well. For the walking I called her "cautious". For the talking, I'm calling her "observent" and "pensive". She really does seem to stop to take things in and really try to understand them. We go to a music class every Wed. Her behavior has changed recently from running around a little, so pretty much staying on mommy's lap the whole time and staring at the teacher. She stares and stares. Today the teacher imitated Fay to me because she said I don't have the vantage point to really see what she looked like. It was an expression of curiosity and bewilderment. Pretty cute.

I wanted to document those "words" that Fay has by her 18 birthday so I can remember them always. My friend Marci, who has the twin girls and lives in my building spends quite a bit of time with Fay. Today she reminded me that words for toddlers don't have to be articulate, full words. If they sound somewhat like the intended word and they have the correct object meaning to the toddler, then they ARE words. Here are Fay's:

Meh (Milk, or now that she isn't drinking milk, it means water. Or, I'm thirsty)
Uh-pa (Pick me up)
Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma (Mommy, you are not doing what I want you to do (whiney voice))
Eggo (Eggo (ONE time only))
Da (Sometimes means dog, sometimes for all animals)

PHEW! did I get to Five? I wouldn't want to represent my child as being below average!

I have to write another post about our AMAZING weekend last weekend. Ryan and I took Fay on her first bike ride! Wheeeeee!

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