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Friday, April 17, 2009

no bottle = no milk

So I decided to go cold turkey on getting rid of the bottle for Fay. Up until this week she's been getting two bottles of milk a day. One in the morning (usually 12 oz or so!) and one in the evening (around 4-6 oz). In the middle of the day I usually offered her water, though if she really wanted milk I'd give her the bottle.

Over the past couple weeks I've been offering her milk during mid-day in the sippy cup, and she never really took to it -- holding out for her evening bottle. I was also having her babysitter withhold the bottle and strangely, she usually reported Fay asking for it each day. When I'm with her, she hardly asks for it, but perhaps that is because we are out of the house more and she knows its not with us.

It seemed to be getting a little confusing (why can't I have it during the day Mommy?) So I decided to just get rid of them all together. On Wed, I didn't offer Fay the bottle in the morning, I offered her a sippy cup filled with milk, and she was a little annoyed. Though I distracted her with breakfast before she got really upset. And that has been the general tactic. Fill her up with yogurt and other things if she will not drink the milk.

She really hasn't had a drop of milk now for 2 days going on three. I don't know if she is pissed, and protesting, or if she was never interested in milk, just the bottle. She's got quite an appetite these days since she is not filling up with milk. So I'm not terribly concerned, but it is a little stressful, wondering what is going on.

Fay has been more cranky since the bottle disappeared and she also has been waking up earlier. Not sure if she is just getting back at me, or if she is waking and longing for the bottle that she will not get.

I've read that some babies don't drink milk again after being weened from the bottle. I hope that is not the case because it will make it seem as if her whole baby stage is done. It would be a pretty big deal if we no longer had milk time in the morning. I have come to enjoy sitting with Fay on the couch and looking out the big window while she drinks her milk.

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J LO said...

Poor Fay. Her mom goes to work and she loses her bottle!!! The only thing worse would be to face her Granny and Nana arriving, wondering what that might bring.