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Saturday, April 11, 2009

playng with friends

While I've been working, my babysitter Deb has been having a good number of playdates with my friend Marci (and Fay's friends Lyla and Jillian). Marci is a good friend of mine that lives in the same building and has twins girls. We met last August when I quit work to stay home with Fay. She stays home with her girls. We saw each other a lot over the winter and became good friends. Its soooo nice to have a place to go in the winter with your toddler when you don't want to go outside, but you also don't want to stay in the same old apartment all day.

While I was working last week, Marci took some great video footage of Fay playing with her girls in a little tent. Its pretty cute to see the three girls interact and "talk" to each other. Its so nice to be able to see videos of my baby that were taken by someone else and its great to see what shes doing while I'm at work! Marci uploaded it to youtube. So I can link to that here:

(I should note! During the video one of the twins keeps saying "OUT" to Fay. At first I thought she wanted her out of the tent but then I realized she wanted her to take off her sweater. Their word "OUT" doubles for "take off".)

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