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Sunday, April 26, 2009

video chat with gma and gpa (aka, grandmazilla)

This morning we did a video phone call with Fay's Grandma and Grandpa from Kearney, NE. We've done this in the past, but Fay has mostly banged on the keyboard and not paid much attention to the people on the screen.

Today she seemed to realize that these folks were talking to her and she was a little freaked out at first. She kinda hid behind mommy's knee and looked suspiciously at the camera.

But after a while, she sort of ignored the camera and played in front of it which was a treat for gma and gpa who could watch her play while we chatted about our weekend.

When we said our goodbyes we shut the computer lid on our side so that Fay would see that the conversation was over. But when we opened the lid to see if Gma and Gpa were still on the video chat, we were left with this brilliant image of Gma waiving good-bye. We a planning on using it to remind Fay what her Gma looks like right before she visits. Good idea?

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