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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

DVD class

Ryan and I watched the first segment of our DVD childbirth class this weekend. The DVD shows an instructor and about 5 couples in a class setting, learning about childbirth. I was really happily surprised at how good the video is. The instructor tells a few too many corny jokes at times and can go off on tangents or personal stories to make a point. But overall it was informative and I think even Ryan enjoyed it. The number one thing I learned in this segment that I had never heard of before was "station". This is the measurement of how far the baby's head has descended into the pelvic region. She also discussed 6 signs your body gives of getting ready for labor (in the weeks leading up to labor). One of them was weight stabilization. She said that about 2 weeks before your due date you can eat anything you want and not gain any weight. Hah! I'd never heard this before. V. interesting. Not something I'm necessarily going to push the limits of to find out. I want a nice small baby to deliver. :) I have another doctor appointment coming up this Friday. I wonder when he will start checking my delivery stats. I'm at 34 weeks. Its still pretty early I think. We will see.

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