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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


They say that at this part of your pregnancy, you may have the nesting instinct. This entails trying to get everything organized, bought, cleaned etc. Well, last weekend I embarked on a major organization task, but alas I don't think Fay will really benefit. I ordered a closet from and installed it last weekend. I think I could definitely recommend this site. All I had to do was measure the closet (and measure again to be sure!) and choose the configuration on line. They delivered the pre-cut wood and supports in 2 days time. The only difficult part of installation was securing a metal bar to the back wall of the closet. Everything else just laid, screwed, or clicked into place.

Now I want to do this for Fay's closet as well. The thought was that I would do mine to see how we like it and then do Fay's. But of course I don't have the energy to do it right now again. So Fay may have to wait a while for hers. And as I get bigger, I will have less and less motivation to assemble closets!

I went to the doctor last Friday. I saw my alternate doctor again. This time I liked her better than the 1st impressions several months ago. So that is promising. She said the baby is head down already and she may just stay that way. This was interesting news because I just could not tell if they mystery bump on my stomach was a head or butt. Now we have a confirmed butt sighting. And boy does it seem big. Hmmm, wonder if that doesn't bode well for delivery.

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