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Friday, September 21, 2007

New Doc Visit

Today's doctor visit lasted all of 5 minutes. I guess I should be happy -- this is due to me having a relatively easy pregnancy. Dr. Rafalin asked if I had any questions, checked the heart beat and uterus length and sent me on my way. Oh and I was weighed at 154 lbs I think. I also asked him if I was too small. I keep thinking I'm going to get this gigantic belly that practically topples me over. But its still completely manageable and only slightly heavy. He said I'm fine. Hopefully that means I'll have a little 6lb baby! Either that or Fay is really good at using her space. Her new favorite thing to do is kick out one of her legs over to the side of my rib cage. So while the bump resides totally in front of my body, I get a stray foot every now and then poking out the side. Kinda funny. Of course nothing really looks like a foot. It'd be really facinating if I could make out a heal or something like that.

Tomorrow, Ryan and I plan to visit our hospital. They have general tours at noon on Saturdays of the maternity area. Not sure if this is a sales pitch (we're already sold! since that is where our doctor delivers) or just an informative visit. Hopefully the latter.

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