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Monday, September 3, 2007

Let the aches and pains begin

32 weeks pregger 32 weeks bare belly

Well, I may have to change my tune soon. Every time someone asks me how my pregnancy is going or how am I feeling I've been able to respond "really well". But I'm starting to feel the effects of carrying around a small child in my belly. My feet are starting to hurt. Either I have to wear more supporting shoes (sneakers!) or I have to walk for less distance at a time. Being that I'm pretty used to walking A LOT in ny, I don't even notice that I may have overdone it until my feet begin to ache. Also, my hips ache at night. I'm so tired of sleeping on my side. Its just not comfortable. I thought I had figured out the perfect pillow positions last week. I put one behind my back and one under my tummy and between my legs. That worked really well all last week. But last night I was aching and waking up every couple hours. Strangely enough, these new pains coincided with the return of Ryan from his surfing vacation. Maybe I was unknowingly taking up the entire bed while he was away and blissfully sleeping through he night. :) Or maybe this is just the beginning of what is going to be a long couple of months. I have exactly 8 weeks left, or two months. That makes it seem close! And I can't wait.

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