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Thursday, September 27, 2007

fatty (no not me!)

Pregnant at 35 1/2 weeks
me at 35 1/2 weeks

Yesterday I had another sonagram. This one was not as visually exciting as the others because the baby is so big now that you only see parts at a time. But I did get a good view of the 4 valves of her heart which was really neat to see. The technician did a lot of measuring and declared that the baby is doing fine. Everything looks healthy. However, maybe Fay is a little TOO healthy. The technician also told me that she currently weighs 6 lbs, 3 oz. WHOA. When I was born I weighed 6lbs 5oz, so to me Fay seems like a big girl. If she gains the estimated 1/2 lb a week until the 40th week she will be pushing 9 lbs. And I will be pushing out a big baby.

Ryan and I also went for our hospital visit last Saturday. This I really enjoyed. It was super informative and confirmed that we are going to be delivering in a good hospital. They are liberal enough to have all types of birthing equipment ( they said you can use a birthing ball or birthing bar ) if one should want it. And the Labor & Delivery rooms looked great. A little comfortable looking, a little hospital looking. They described the security at the hospital for the newborn area and it is like a prison lock down. Babies are given a little ankle bracelet when they are born with a security device in it, so if anyone leaves the area an alarm goes off. The nurse said they go into "Code Pink" (which still makes me smile now). And she said that new Daddies are usually the culprits getting caught because they get so excited to show off the new baby to someone outside the ward. hah. Ryan will have to be careful.

Also, only Daddy or someone designated by Mommy can take the baby from the nursery. And they say if an unfamiliar nurse comes in and asks to take your baby from you, you can refuse. If I was paranoid, I'd say this hospital has had a lot of baby theft. Maybe the Upper East Side produces desirable babies....more ransom money to be had?

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T Time said...

Hey Jess,

I haven't logged on to read about baby Fay in a while, so "fatty" was the latest post and it made me LOL. Keep feeding baby Fay good stuff... and be thankful she is nowhere near that 17 lb baby that was just born :) -Tracy